Blog design…

I have received a few messages from people letting me know that my blog design is a bit screwed, thanks guys I know it is. :) I quickly installed WordPress and haven’t had the time to full implement my own design…yet. Being busy at work, and busy doing one heck of a lot of DIY at home, my time is restricted, and I feel it is more important to try and post content, rather than how nicely lined up my blogs lines are at the moment.

I will endeavour to finish the design soon, but in the meantime check out this blogs design, which I am very professionally jealous of.┬áIt is designs like this that really help make the web a truly valuable resource (visually), I don’t know the owner, nor have I spoken with them, but it is a great representation of what is possible with the web, and I only wish the web was filled with more sites of a similar aesthetic quality, all the more reason for me to get my blog sorted!

I suppose the time wasted writing this would have been better spent sorting out the CSS, dam gotta post and get on – cheers! :)

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